Band Merchandising


I am a supplier for Merchandising of Sweden's largest and most popular metal band: Sabaton. Every day, I am working together with the Sabaton's merchandising team to create new products for the Sabaton Official line. First, I would like to share with you these projects, the design and production of which I realized.


Smash Into Pieces

Since February this year I design and deliver for the Swedish band Smash Into Pieces as well. Behind the scenes we are working on more NEW and unique merchandising for them. Check out the items I designed for them below!


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Sabaton - Attero Dominatus Metal Sign

Sabaton - Primo Victoria Metal Sign

Sabaton - Noch Ein Bier Mug

Sabaton - LP Coaster set in Ammo Box

Sabaton - 16 inch Custom Backpack

Sabaton - Sailor Hats

Flags - Smash Into Pieces

Patches - Smash Into Pieces

Sabaton - Travel tag & Neck Pillow

Sabaton - Hip Flask in Giftbox

Sabaton - Swedish Heavy Metal Beanie

Sticker Packs - Smash Into Pieces

Wobbler Head - Apocalypse DJ

Tote bags -2023 tour Europe

Car Air Freshener - Custom made product

USB Charging cable 3in1

Skin Tattoo Sheet A5

Tote bags -2023 tour Sweden

Swedish Guard Hats -2023 tour Sweden

Bullet Pens - custom made

Bottle Opening Rings

Lanyards - full colour

PVC Keychains

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